Class History

As we, the class of Sixty Two, pass through the portals of our Alma Mater, quite obvious is our mark of progress left on the blackboard of immortality. How vivid and yet so remote seem the happenings of yesteryear which crowned our youth with the joys of a worry-free existence, and placed in our hands the scepter of learning.

We started our trek at the Parlin Junior High School. The school was dealt a severe blow when we were saddened by the untimely death of our beloved principal, Mr. James J. Mullen. Officers were elected in the persons of Richard Rizzo, President; Chuckie Olson, Vice President; James Smith, Secretary; and Vinnie LoConte, Treasurer. With these stalwarts to lead us, we felt that our trials and tribulations were over; but we were soon to realize that the “Recess Club” was just as popular as ever, as were the “Gestapo” methods of the traffic squad. How we hated that loathsome group who were ever-present when any of us did the wrong thing at the right time. We had barrels of fun at our afternoon socials, where the boys were as timid as mice and the girls played at being coy. We enjoyed our first real football, basketball and baseball teams, and here we saw the making of future stars.

Those who were outstanding in the field of citizenship were Jackie Lawrence as recipient of the Elks Fidelity Award; Richie Rizzo and Anne Marie Haner received the Carl Stein Award; Sandy Astuti and Richie Rizzo, the Rotary Award; Susan Clay, the Kiwanis Award; and Barbara Richardson was the winner of the Public Speaking Award. The final honor went to Richie Rizzo who garnered the James J. Mullen Speaking Award. Many of our fellow classmates were winners of the coveted Parlin “P”.

In September of 1959, with curiosity and trembling knees, we entered the confines of Everett High School. Remember how awe-stricken we were when first we saw the nonchalant manner in which the upper classmen conducted themselves. Wow, we could even talk in line and not get “clobbered”. This was heaven! Then things began to happen. We strayed, we became lost, we were all mixed up and received no help from anyone. The third floor for the gym, the time spent in search of an elevator. How we longed for the old home across the street. But we gradually came into our own. Our elections came up and this time we choose Fred Foresteire as President; Paul Iossa, Vice President; Jackie Lawrence, Secretary; and Janice Mastracola as Treasurer. Scotty Taylor, Billy Locke and Vin LoConte represented the class on the gridiron, while Frank Nigro showed the way in basketball, when we were the Tech Tourney winners. Let’s not forget the very fine representation we had in the persons of Rosanne Siracusa, Sandy Barbati and Donna Dannenburg; all elected to the student council.

The time seemed to fly by and we found the year drawing to a close as Sandy Astuti and Cindy Marshall won the Oratorical Contest.

September again and this time we were dignified juniors. Now it was our turn to laugh and ridicule the poor sophomores. We started off with a bang by having a fire in the school which gave us a free day. This year we chose as our leaders Scott Taylor, President; Chuckie Olsen, Vice President; Florence Parham, Secretary; and John Frassica, Treasurer. We sent very able representatives to the Council by electing Sandy Astuti, Donna Dannenburg, Steve Sutera and Rosalie Squillaciotti.

This too was the year of the “Cafeteria Strike” where, in a very orderly fashion, we were able to persuade the administration we should be able to leave the premises at recess. This was a big step and we showed our appreciation by living up to all we agreed to.

Our big affair this year was the Junior Prom, which was called “La Primavera”. Amid the pageantry of a wonderfully transformed gymnasium, the true beauty of Class of Sixty Two came into its own. Devastating young ladies, never noticed before, promenading on the arms of sedate gentlemen was a sight never to be forgotten. We chose for our Queen of the Prom, Betty Indelicato.

Our Athletic teams were all represented in fine style and at the close of each season we saw captains elected in each sport. Again it was spring and all eyes turned toward the passing of the seniors so that we might ft into their shoes. Florence Parham and Sandy Astuti were the Oratorical winners. May and June and we were seniors.

This is our year. Scott Taylor was our President, Co-Captain of Football, and Editor-In-Chief of the yearbook. Chuckie Olsen was our Vice President and Captain of Baseball. Florence Parham was elected Secretary, and John Frassica, Treasurer. Steve Sutera led the Council with the able assistance of Sandy Astuti, Donna Dannenberg, Rosalie Squillaciotti, and Richie Rizzo.

Remember our undefeated football season and their wonderful loss to a lucky Miami team in Florida. How proud we shall always be of our team of 1961. The Basketball and Hockey seasons seemed to sneak up and pass away all too soon. The Queen of the Yearbook was chosen and time was truly speeding. If we could just stop and go back and relive a few of these treasured moments. The Senior Ball, and we knew the end was near at hand. Class Day and Graduation, the end of the road.

Individually and collectively we have memories to be treasured forever, some good and some bad but, to all is the realization that all will go through life with us forever.

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