Haner – Annemarie
Annemarie Haner
Annemarie Haner Bone
City:  Newport
State:  NC
Email:  ahaner@ec.rr.com
Occupation:  Attorney
Marital Status:  Married
Married Name:  Bone
Spouses Name:  Robert Lee Bone
Children:  2 - Robin Redente (32) & Christopher Redente (31)
Grandchildren:  2 - Melissa Bone (11) & Joey Bone (10)
Biography:  I went to Northeastern Univ. from '62 to '67 graduating with a BA in Liberal Arts. I married Robert Redente in 1966. I started a newspaper with two other grads that was circulated to all schools above HS in the Boston Area. (I had been editor of the University Newspaper, the first woman.) I then learned a lot and went broke. Moved with my husband to Marshfield and then Plymouth MA where he taught math. Had two children. My first husband died of cancer in 1985. I had gone to NU Law school 1977 to 1980 and opened a law office in Everett on Broadway. After 10 years I moved to Wilmington DE with my second husband, a German Engineer. Never marry a German Engineer. We divorced about 8 years later. My dear father died in '74 very unexpectedly from a heart attack. My Mom died in a car accident in '85, the same year my first husband died of cancer. I became a wild and crazy if educated human being, and damn near killed myself. I came out of my insanity and grief while living in Wilmington DE with the German engineer. Turned out he had multiple personalities. Pretty wild. Left him. Somehow managed to keep a good career going. The kids grew up and moved away; Chris to CA and Robin to PA; partly because of their dad's death and partly because of my lifestyle, to be euphemistic. We are now reconciled. Christopher is a BMW mechanic (they make more money than many lawyers) and a professional musician. Robin graduated law school 2nd in her class of 300 and is now a Philadelphia lawyer with a big office looking out over Philadelphia. 32 and gorgeous, she has been engaged three times but never marries. Neither has my handsome son. And both of them are straight. I am now married to my last husband and only true love, an Englishman with Southern roots and a story wilder than my own. He went from hand to hand combat in Korea to the head of a major corporation with a penthouse in NY then lost it all and ended up in a broom closet in DE. His father in law was the mob boss of Philadelphia. He has two adopted kids, now like my own. A 6'5" fire captain (and ex Marine) and a beautiful daughter. We have two grandkids who are beautiful, if taller at 10 and 11 than I am. Remember… how short I was...). My husband and I are crazy in love after 10 years, and living in paradise. The house is on an estuary across from a forest. We let the boat down and go into the Ocala wilderness, or Bogue Sound. We watch otters and dolphins play. We've become bird watchers because there are so many incredible birds. Herons and egrets and bald eagles and blue birds and woodpeckers and all else. Amazing. And somehow in all the wild insanity, the compassionate God kept us both alive and brought us together and then taught us to love Him unreservedly. We are dedicated Methodists, and very active in the many activities of our vibrant church. My practice is small but thriving. I've learned to say Y'all and Yo mama, and the Youngins (in domestic court anyway). My practice has evolved from a general practice (criminal both bench trials and jury trials...domestic courtroom battles...traffic stuff and DWI's...) to a mostly federal practice, where I specialize in personal bankruptcy, which I love because I can really help people who need help). After 22 years of practicing alone, I have a partner who was a Marine Jag officer before becoming a civilian lawyer. He is a big rugged guy nicknamed the Wolfman with a lovely wife and two boys. His hobby is raising lilies when he is not doing trial work). When I came here I was the only woman working in the courtrooms. All Southern Good ol Boys. And I got them to like and respect me. I am a crack shot with my beautiful snub nosed Taurus 38, which stays under my pillow when my husband is away. I don't go hunting with him because I hate getting up that early. Actually he hasn't shot anything in years, except for ducks. I learned that a lot of hunters love the pristine quiet of morning that breaks into the song of the birds and the rustle of the animals as they watch it all from their tree stands. Good hunters love nature more than anyone. This from the woman who was a pacifist and P.E.T.A. activist. We have a big home with room for all four children and the grandkids, with hope more are coming. I hope to retire in 2 years at 60. Bob (my husband is 71, though no one guesses he is over 55. He still does 100 Marine Corps push ups and sit ups a day and will walk the pants off a man half his age in spite of his paralyzed right leg. I sit on the couch and get tired watching him do it all. The weather here approximates Bermuda, because the gulf stream comes close to shore. We do have a "winter" but the cold never stays, and we routinely have 70 degree days pop up in Jan and Feb. I have no idea why anyone stays in the Northeast. Housing down here is about 1/3 the cost of Boston. And there is so much sheer beauty. Anyway, I would love to talk to Barbara Richardson and Sam Guiffre and the others who were friends. Write, call or visit anytime. I expect I will not get to the reunion because of a number of family events that require my presence. I really can't be away from my offices too long. The only real negative in having your own business. Hope you all are well and happy. I am delighted to tell you that I am happier than ever in my life. I LOVE being older. It fits me very well. It seems to me that for some reason God saved the best for the last third of my life. I am incredibly grateful.
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