Mayne – Dan (Daniel)
Daniel Mayne
Daniel Mayne
City:  Rancho Cucamonga
State:  CA
Spouse's Name:  Betty
Children:  3 - Kathleen, Danny & Timmy
Grandchildren:  3
Biography:  Left EHS January 1962 moved to Hayward California. Worked for a stock and bond firm in San Francisco, became Director of N. Cal Operations. Left the brokerage firm to become a hog rancher in 1973. Married Betty in 1966. Still married. Kathleen born 1967. Kathleen is now working in management for an Environmental Research company. Danny born 1968. Danny married and has one stepson and two twin daughters. Timmy born 1972. Tim was killed by a drunk driver just 6 weeks before his high school graduation. 1986 - graduated from Southern Oregon State College, Ashland with a B.S. in Business and another in Education. Moved to Southern California and began teaching Special Education Students. 1988 - Received a Master’s in Special Education from Cal State University, LA. 1991 - Betty received her Master’s in Social Work, USC.
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