Olsen – Bill (William)
William Olsen
William Olsen
City:  Plymouth
State:  MA
Email:  wfodab163@verizon.net
Occupation:  Power Plant Engineer
Marital Status:  Married
Spouse's Name:  Dorothy Ann (Brown)
Children:  3 - David, Karen and Julie
Grandchildren:  1 - Sarah Rose Regan (born 4/5/2006)
Biography:  I worked for 30 years for Boston Edison and retired when they sold the nuclear power plant in Plymouth. Donald Williams (EHS 62) worked there with me and retired at the same time. I'm now working as the Chief Engineer of the power plant at the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Boston. Two of our children got married in 2001- David on June 16th and Karen on September 8th.. My wife and I love to travel and have a condo in Vero Beach Florida. When not working or traveling - I'm working in my garden and enjoying time off by the pool. Hope to see you all at the 40th!
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