Porcaro – Anthony
Anthony Porcaro
Anthony Porcaro
City:  Coconut Creek
State:  FL
Email:  anthonyporcaro@msn.com
Occupation:  Retired
Marital Status:  Married
Spouse's Name:  Sheila
Children:  2 - William & Julie
Grandchildren:  3 Katie , Ryan , Grace
Biography:  Worked 'till 62 years old, took the money and ran. Living in sunny and warm Florida -- The boy's an ER Doctor in Southern MA., the girl is in the prison system with a masters degree. Both kids highly interdependent. Bill has the three kids raking in the money -- left the wife up in Mass, she likes to be close to the kids and grand children and her mother. Like to eat, drink and be merry. Stay healthy Tony
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