Henrikson – Neil
Neil Henrikson
Neil Henrikson
Name: Neil Henrikson
Email: neilhenrikson14@gmail.com
City: Gibsonville
State: NC
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Ellen
Children: 5 - Eric, Mark, Neil, Jennifer & Emmily
Grandchildren: 8  - Carmella, Sean, Josuha, Tyler, McKenzie, Louis, Meggan & Tabatha

Short biography: 
9 years in the Navy including 3 tours of Vietnam. Rose to the rank of chief petty officer. After leaving,I   in electronics traveling around the world in support of Naval ships. I lived in Greece for almost 3 years. I was the project manager for the installation of 3 radar system for the Greek Navy.
After that I worked for Data General a computer manufacturing company as data base manager for the automated assembly plant. I bought a picture framing and art gallery business about the same time.
I earned 2 BS degrees in computer science and the other in business education with a minor in education. I also earned a MS in business education.

Updated: May 10, 2022

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