The EHS (and EVHS) Class of 1962’s 50th Reunion was held at the Boston Marriott Peabody on September 22, 2012, from 6:00pm until 11:00pm.

Boston Marriott Peabody
8A Centennial Drive
Peabody, Massachusetts 01960

Reunion tickets were $75 per person and had to be purchased no later than September 3rd, 2012.  Tickets were not sold ‘at the door.’  Attire was ‘casual,’ but….  shoes and shirts were required.
Rooms at the hotel were available for $129 per night (plus tax).

A letter was sent to class members (whose address was known) detailing the reunion date, time, ticket and room information.

Members of the planning team:

  • Rita Tecci Ciulla
  • Marie Andaloro Arinello
  • Cathy Carbone McCue
  • Sue Cohen Huberman
  • Donna DeBerardinis Nicolo
  • Carole d’Entremont
  • Gail Gianatassio DiBattista
  • Dottie Merlina Hensley
  • Rosanne Siracusa Centurino
  • Scott Taylor

Wed., September 26, 2012

Thank you to all who attended the 50th reunion and to the committee who worked so hard to make it happen. The food, venue, music and hospitality room were great. I never had so much fun. I will be the first to start the 70th birthday party for 2014. All interested in attending, please contact me so I can start a list to remind you when arrangements are available.

Dottie (Merlina) Hensley

50th Reunion Attendees

  • Judy Aaron
  • Marie Andaloro
  • Vincent (Chicky) Arinello
  • Sandra Astuti
  • Jeannette Bagarella
  • Sandra Barbati
  • Cathy Carbone
  • Marie Carideo
  • Anthony Ciulla
  • Rita Ciulla
  • Susanne Ciulla
  • Susan Cohen
  • Augustina Colucci
  • Joan Corvino
  • Charles Crocker
  • Anthony D’agostino
  • Marie Daponta
  • Carole D’entremont
  • Anne Dinelli
  • Richard Donovan
  • Thomas Durant
  • Donna Dyer
  • Ginny Ells
  • Diane Fenno
  • Dorothy Fiske
  • Fred Foresteire
  • Sadie Foti
  • John Frassica
  • Gail Gianatassio
  • Vincent Gigante
  • Albert Graziosi
  • Alan Helein
  • Jackie Hickey
  • Roz Kornitsky
  • Walter Lennox
  • Rhona Loiter
  • John Losanno
  • Loretta Lush
  • Richard Martini
  • Lorraine Martini
  • William McPhee
  • John Merenda
  • Dottie Merlina
  • Frank Merlina
  • Marsha Metzger
  • Claire Middleton
  • Ann Morganto
  • Peter Morrione
  • Jean Murphy
  • Joe Murphy
  • Frank Nigro
  • Mary Ann Palladino
  • Margaret Palmitesta
  • Jeanne Pesce
  • Rosemarie Poste
  • Edward Poste
  • Maureen Reardon
  • Barbara Richardson
  • Richard Rizzo
  • Gilda Romanelli
  • Joseph Ruotolo
  • Bob Russo
  • Angela Saia
  • Edward Siegel
  • Roseanne Siracusa
  • Louise Soldani
  • Virginia Stowell
  • Stephen Sutera
  • Scott Taylor
  • Camille Vetrano
  • Alicia Young

Ed Poste has placed his Reunion photos on Facebook.

Carole d’Entremont has shared her Reunion photos.

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5 responses to “50th Reunion / Photos”

  1. Thank you to all who had a hand in the planning of our 50th reunion. What a good looking group the class of ’62 was & is! The breakfast was delicious as usual. Thanks Fred for hosting that event once again. The casual evening at the Marriot was a perfect way to end our day. Thanks to Al Heleine for the entertainment he provided! Crashing the Class of ’62 of Salem High was brilliant!

  2. had a great time at the 50th! Thanks to the committee for a great time! John ,there were no funny stories because 50th’s are like vegas! what happens stay there!
    I would like to suggest some games we could play at our 70th?
    1.) where did i leave my glasses?
    2.) Who has the highest blood pressure?
    3.) what’s your name, wait a minute, what’s my name?
    4.) who’s fallen and can’t get up?
    also please make sure there’s plenty of FIBER in the birthday cake!!!

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