July 30, 2012

Kevin Coogan, EHS Class of 1969, recently shared some photos taken on June 7, 2011, during the shooting of “That’s My Boy,” a Columbia Pictures movie staring Adam Sandler.

Thanks Kevin!

From: Kevin Coogan
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2012
To: EHS Class of 1962

Subject: Everett High School – Photos of movie shoot


I am a graduate of Everett High School, the Class of 1969. By accident I came across your website and in the “News” section I saw a page listed as “Old EHS Building To Be ‘In the Movies’.” On that page I saw 2 photographs of the old Everett High School building posing as “Somerville Junior High School.”

I was at the old high school on June 7, 2011 when Columbia Pictures filmed outdoor scenes for the movie titled “I Hate You, Dad” which was later re-titled “That’s My Boy.” Using a digital camera, I made a series of 38 photographs in the form of JPG image files that are each between 99 K and 261 KB in size. These show the movie crew at work, the movie extras, security detail, the equipment, and vehicles outside the high school. (Adam Sandler is in 2 of these.) I also have a series of 7 photos that are screenshots from the movie itself showing scenes filmed inside the high school. The storage size of all 45 images is almost 8 MB.

You are welcome to post all of these photographs on your website if you want to. The photos may, perhaps, be an interesting topic of conversation at the upcoming reunion on September 22.

Let me know if you are interested.

I will also mention that in May and June 2011 scenes for another movie titled “Here Comes the Boom” were also being filmed inside the old Everett High School. This movie (which was mostly filmed at the old Quincy High School) is now completed and scheduled to be released next October. Posted on the IMDb website is this bit of trivia about this movie:

Reactions shots for the MGM Grand fight were filmed at the old Everett, Massachusetts High School, which Ellen Pompeo graduated from in 1987 and was also used as a base camp for filming of Boston’s Finest.

Since both movies were produced by the same studio at the same time, some of the crew and extras shown in the photos probably worked on both films, and the equipment and vehicles were probably used for both productions.


Kevin P. Coogan

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  1. Great pics! Thx for doing this. I haven’t seen EHS since 1959. New Windows, trees have grown, and outside of building has been cleaned. There are lockers inside in halls and more lights in halls. My brother graduated in 1955, and my mother in 1929. I found your pics when searching for EHS pics.

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